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Welcome To Stones Zone

Creating beauty that endures

Stones, one amongst the god's gift to manking is found in different color and tones. To rekindle it and make it value for us to use its beauty. we at Stones Zone started one of the largest natural stones in Tamilnadu. As a dynamic and spirited organisation with a talented procurement force, we provide a good range of marbles, granites,kota,kadappa,ceramics and other stones from everywhere india.

We offer an extensive range of tiles, granites and kota ware that are breathtaking in their combinations of colours and patterns. Our wide range of designs, classic to modern and antique to contemporary, gives our clients countless choices.

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We are the best one to sale good Granites & marbles.

Stones Zone Has gorgeous,Stunning fittings which Will engrave your dream House beautiful.


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Granite is an important structural and ornamental stone, and due to its high compressive strength and durability, Granite is used for massive structural work.

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Stone Zone qulity designed marbles are a results of finest marble aggregates sources from quarries across the world.

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These Kadappa Black stone are used for cladding and flooring purposes as the stone is more resistant than most other sedimentary rocks.


best Granite Wholesalers in Chennai
List of Granite Wholesalers in Chennai

The Immortera collection is all about finding beauty in the details. carefully selected from the most effective of marble from around the world, we have taken pains to ensure that each piece may be a cut on top of the rest. invested with with rich yet subtle texture and color, the Immortera collection reflects category and character. we all know that the joy you will realize during this collection, will never fade.

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A perfect blend of aesthetics and value, the Altera collection stands the test of quality, beauty and time. Fine marble radiates purity and freshness, and this collection is infused with each these qualities. From the wide variety of decisions that gift themselves, you're sure to realize the tone and hue that completely enhances you. The Altera collection could be a tryst with fine quality and finer workmanship

popular Granite Wholesalers

Like jewellery for your home, the Crystera collection is created purely from precious stones like quartz, amethyst and opaque gem. formed as adornments for sections of walls and fine arts displays, you'll even mix precious stones to make a stunning inventive montage. we invite you to indulge your finer senses with the Crystera collection.